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Kiwi Wheat Bag Cotton Feathers

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Our standard three segmented cotton wheat bag is the most popular and versatile wheat bag in our range, and moulds easily to all areas of the body.

Kiwi Wheat Bags soothe aches, pains, sore muscles and tension around the neck and can be used hot or cold.

They are a great alternative to hot water bottles on cold days and chilly evenings.

Hand Made in New Zealand

>100% Cotton Fabric
>Size: 48cm x 14 cm
>Warm in the microwave to use as a heat pack
>Chill in the freezer to use as a cold pack
>3 Pockets for even wheat and heat distribution

Naturally Relieves and Soothes

>Muscle & joint stiffness
>Sports injuries, sprains & strains
>Tension & Stress
>Period pain
>Insect bites, minor burns
>Toothaches, headaches & migraines

We recommend you replace your wheat bags annually.


IMPORTANT - Keep instructions with your wheat bag. READ - before every use.
Not recommended for people who may have reduced awareness of temperature or feeling in their skin, eg. Diabetics, people with nerve damage, or people with impairment that prevents them recognising they may be burnt. It is important to carefully follow these instructions as overheating or inappropriate use may result in injury or fire.

Heating Times: Microwave Power

700 Watts
Standard Wheat Bag > 2mins
Eye Wheat Bag > 30secs
Polar Wheat Bag > 2mins
Fur Wheat Bag > 2mins

850-1000 Watts
Standard Wheat Bag > 1min
Eye Wheat Bag > 20secs
Polar Wheat Bag > 1min
Fur Wheat Bag > 1min

Place in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer for at least 45 minutes.

1. DO NOT overheat.
2. DO NOT use if wheat bag smells or looks burnt - allow to cool completely on a non-combustible surface such as the kitchen sink then throw away.
3. DO NOT leave wheat bag UNATTENDED in microwave in case of fire.
4. DO NOT use straight from microwave if too hot - allow to cool first.
5. DO NOT use wheat bag on one body part for more than 5 minutes - continuous heat may burn.
6. USE WITH CAUTION - wheat bags can burn skin when used incorrectly and particularly the more delicate skins of children or older people. SUPERVISE children at all times.
7. DO NOT use under bedding.
8. MICROWAVE ONLY - do not heat in gas or electric oven.
9. NOT RECOMMENDED to add oils or fragrances to the wheat bag - these may increase the risk of fire.

If overheating occurs there may be a burning smell or charring and in extreme cases smoking. These all indicate that irreversible grain deterioration has occurred. Immediately place wheat bag
on a non-combustible surface such as the kitchen sink and allow to cool completely before disposing. 100% cotton wheat bags are biodegradable and compostable.

Make sure the wheat bag is completely cool and moisture free before storing with these instructions in a cool dry place. Spot clean only with a damp cloth. DO NOT wash DO NOT immerse in water. It is recommended the wheat bag be heated at least once a month for maintenance and replaced annually.



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