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Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

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Let mothers express more milk in less time. With this portable twin electric breast pump both breasts can be expressed simultaneously. Three user controlled vacuum settings offer personalized comfort for a steady supply of milk.


Pump mimics infant suckling behaviour

By combining breast compression with gentle suction, the pump is designed to mimic the infant’s suckling behaviour. It features our clinically proven massage cushion with soft petals that gently compress the breast to stimulate milk flow. This innovative cushion has a distinctive, velvety texture that feels warm on the breast, further helping mothers to relax while expressing.

Reduced expression time

The Philips Avent twin electric breast pump is the perfect time saver for busy mothers as both breasts can be expressed simultaneously. And simultaneous expressing may boost a mother’s ability to produce breast milk³.

3 simple expression settings

When switched on, the pump automatically starts in a gentle stimulation mode to help trigger let down. Then the mother can choose between three ‘one touch’ pressure settings to make the milk flow most effectively for her. The system’s comfort features have been clinically proven to lead to more milk expression.

Easy-to-use, even on the go

Mothers experience effortless expressing at the touch of a button. Simple settings make it easy for them to become accustomed to operation. The system can be plugged in, or used ‘on the go’ with 4 AA batteries. And the system is compatible with the full range of Philips Avent milk storage solutions.

Lightweight and easy-to-clean

The Philips Avent Comfort twin electric breast pump weighs less than 626g (22.08 oz) and delivers a vacuum strength of 33mbar. The tube wraps around the base unit for extra convenience. The system is a closed system for easy cleaning so breast milk can never get into the tubing or motor unit. All parts can be immersed in water and sterilized except for the electrical parts.

More milk in less time

The Philips Avent twin breast pump has been clinically proven to deliver as much milk as a hospital grade pump. Healthcare professionals recommend it to mothers, particularly preterm mothers, for a comfortable and effective experience. The small size and unique comfort features enable practical and relaxing milk expression.

Pack Includes:

  • 2 x Express Pumps 
  • 1 x Motor Unit
  • 2 x Store Sealing Discs
  • 2 x Natural Bottles 125ml + Newborn Teats

Bonus Items:

  • Set of 2 Disposable Breast Pads
  • 1 x Travel Bag


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